The Crossroads Summit

A kingdom consultation for todays business leader sponsored by IXI, LTD. The Israel Crossroads Institute.


DECEMBER 1-4, 2015

The Crossroads Summit is a four-day invitation only Jerusalem based event uniquely designed for todays business leader.

The radical challenges of our Post-modern age are demanding an equally radical Post-Protestant response from people of faith.  As world culture becomes increasingly hostile to absolute truths and unchanging ethical values, believers are digging ever deeper to find life-giving spiritual refreshment and solid biblical foundations.  We invite you to participate in the modern day restoration of God’s kingdom - as it was envisioned by the first believers in Jerusalem nearly two thousand years ago.  Coming to modern Israel is a key that unlocks the secrets of our ancient roots because here we can see, with our own eyes, God’s words in Scripture becoming physical reality in His Promised Land.

In recent centuries, the Church has focused almost entirely on the religious aspects of faith and ignored God’s calling a majority of His people to the marketplace.  

Today, a “Church without walls,” like the first community in the Book of Acts, is being restored and many are finding their God-given destinies in what are considered “secular” fields.  

A massive paradigm shift is underway and a new form of biblical spirituality that is expressed through effective action and practical service in every area of life and society, is arising.  The emphasis of our faith is moving away from religious activities in the church sanctuary toward impacting and transforming the surrounding culture.  By inviting key believing business people from around the world to Jerusalem for an historic consultation, The Crossroads Summit is a catalytic agent in this new awakening.